Equity Shares | What are Equity Shares? Types, Pros & Cons

equity shares

Working capital funds is one of the significant requirements for the expansion and business growth of any corporate. There is always a requirement of funds whether it is small and medium or large organisations for expansion, business growth or setting up a new subsidiary or division of the company.

So in this article, we will discuss equity share capital (equity funds). Let’s first understand what does it mean by equity shares.

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What are Treasury Bills? Treasury Bills of India

treasury bills

The Government of India approaches to the financial market to raise funds from the general public by selling different types of government securities. Treasury bills  (T-Bills) are one of the instruments which are used for short term requirement of funds. The Government also raises funds from the market for a longer duration (up to 40 years) by using other instruments like Dated Security (Government Bonds) depending on the requirement of money.

Thus Government utilise different instruments to raise funds from the financial market.

There are various infrastructure projects, construction and development projects, Government schemes and various free scheme are performing across the country.

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How to Achieve Sales Target | 7 Easy Steps

how to achieve sales target

How to Set up and Achieve Sales Target: Meeting 100% of the sales target is probably hard nut to crack for the sales executive, however one could make it happen and achieve his targets comfortably by executing a few significant steps properly. Most of the sales representatives don’t know how to achieve sales target easily … Read more

How to Start Business |10 Simple Steps

How to start business

Setting up a company might be anyone’s dream, however, it isn’t a cakewalk to start a business in India. One who wishes to set up his own company has to have a strong desire and unique thought process. Setting up a business involves various steps and procedures so that one will be able to forecast his business success.

There are plenty of opportunities available in India for small and medium types of businesses whether it comes to service or manufacturing or marketing of goods.

Despite various opportunities and resources available in India, we need to have sufficient knowledge to utilise every resource properly.

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Types of Government Securities in India

types of government securities in india

There are several infrastructure projects, activities, government schemes which are running across the country. Hence the Government of India or State Government issue the government securities to fulfil such excess requirements of funds and recover the deficit or mismatch of cash flow occurred.

Before we discuss types of Government Securities in India, we must know what does it mean by Government Securities?

Hence, let’s understand the meaning and definition of Government Securities.

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