Importance & Functions of Production Management –


Production management is concerned with the creation of products and services using a business model. They’re also relevant in service and manufacturing businesses. The application of management and concepts to the production function in a factory is referred to as production management.

Production management, in basic terms, entails the planning, coordinating, directing, and controlling of the manufacturing process. It holds a critical position at the heart of an enterprise, balancing the need to deliver value to the business (typically profit) with what consumers want and what’s technically and operationally feasible. This article aims to elaborate importance and functions of production management.

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Government Banks in India – [List As of April – 2021]

government banks in india

Banks are the most significant components of the Indian financial system. There are typically two major types of banks in India eg. Public Sector Banks & Private Sector Banks.

Public Sector Banks are also known as Government Banks, hence, in this article, we will provide a complete list of government banks in India.

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Difference between Letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee

Difference between Letter of Credit and Bank guarantee

There is always a credit risk for both buyers and sellers during domestic or international trade/ transaction between two parties. The letters of credit and bank guarantees, both are utilised to mitigate the credit risks of buyers. However, letter of credit and bank guarantee are not similar and often used (domestic and international) in different circumstances during the export and import transaction or performance of real sates and infrastructure projects.

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