Functions of Entrepreneurship

Functions of Entrepreneurship       A successful entrepreneur has a high capacity of taking risks and has faith in his own capabilities. The function of an entrepreneur is to coordinate for the business management of the enterprise, risk-taking, controlling the enterprise, innovation for change, motivation and other related activities. In reality, entrepreneurs have to …

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Entrepreneurship Meaning | Define Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Meaning and Definition:       Entrepreneurship refers to the functions that are performed by an entrepreneur to establish an enterprise. In simple words, Entrepreneurship is an art to be an entrepreneur. As a manager performs various activities for the management of an organisation similarly an entrepreneur implements the different process of Entrepreneurship to establish …

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Entrepreneur Meaning, Definition, Entrepreneur Characteristics

Entrepreneur Meaning, Definition, Entrepreneur Characteristics:     Entrepreneur Meaning and Definition: When it comes to the term Entrepreneur, there are lots of definition available on internet and textbook. But this is not a management examination where you have to write an authentic definition of “entrepreneur” otherwise you will not score good marks. Our intention is to understand …

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