11 Efficient Controlling Techniques –

controlling techniques

Management is both art and science. The art of getting things done is called management, and the mechanism to get things done is called efficient controlling in management.

Since its very inception, management has been an evolving entity, and so has been the controlling function of management. This article ellaborates various effective controlling techniques utilized by the managers to evaluate the performence of their subordinates or different strategies formulated by the management of the enterprise.

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Importance & Functions of Production Management –

production management


Production management is concerned with the creation of products and services using a business model. They’re also relevant in service and manufacturing businesses. The application of management and concepts to the production function in a factory is referred to as production management.

Production management, in basic terms, entails the planning, coordinating, directing, and controlling of the manufacturing process. It holds a critical position at the heart of an enterprise, balancing the need to deliver value to the business (typically profit) with what consumers want and what’s technically and operationally feasible. This article aims to elaborate importance and functions of production management.

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Production Management – Meaning | How it works?

production management

In its simplest meaning, production management means controlling, planning, organizing and directing, and executing the production activity. It can also be said as the supervision of the 6 Ms, namely Men, Methods, Material, Management, Money, Machine, Market. Production management is the efficient management of a production process.

Production management also entails decision making, such as how much costs shall be incurred in particular production practice, how much raw materials shall be supplied, what kind of machine usages shall be taken under consideration, the manpower that shall be needed for a smooth and hustle free production, etc. are to be decided by the production manager.

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Effective Communication | 9 Unique skills to communicate effectively

effective communication

Communication shall work effective for those who shall work effectively for it.

What is Communication?

Communication is basically a process of conveying or sharing information through speech, writing, or some other means. It may also relate to a letter or message containing information or news, as well as the active conveying or exchanging of ideas and feelings.

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Types of Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneurship | In-depth Guide

entrepreneur types

In today’s world, there are 582 million entrepreneurs. This means that one out of every thirteen individuals owns a company! While there is a lot of conversation about entrepreneurship, not everyone understands what it really means. In this article, we will understand the classification, types of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship.

Here’s a guide to a more in-depth article on the topic.

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