10 Critical Theories of Leadership – An Overview

theories of leadership

Did you hear the name of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Barak Obama, Ratan Tata, and many others? They keep coming to the newspaper, television, magazines, social media, and all the other places.

They are called leaders who channelized the energy of their company/ country into the fulfillment of specific objectives, vision, and goals. Leaders are not made in a day; they consistently improvise and try many philosophies and leadership theories for their success. This article intends to put forward various theories of leadership.

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Situational Theory of Leadership – A Summarized Approach

situational theory of leadership

There is an old saying, “Leaders are not born; they are made.” It shows that no one is born with leadership qualities. Instead, they become leaders by learning, knowledge, experience, upbringing, society, and others.

There are many leadership theories. In all these leadership qualities, situational theory of leadership quality trespasses into personal life from professional life. It is quite helpful in personal life too. This article will elaborate on the situational theory of leadership, its advantages, disadvantages, and how it works?

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Market – Definition, Concept, Classification & Features

concept of market infographic

Let us know – How many times you hear the word “Market” in your day-to-day life. We are sure- multiple times. But the market in a general sense and the market in management is quite different. Here is an in-depth article for those looking to explore the definition, features, types, and classification of marketing through the management angle.

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7 Effective Conflict Management Skills

conflict management skills infographic

The conflict could arise between employees, teams, management, and anyone in the organization. Controlling the conflict is one of the primary roles for the administration because if it is not controlled, it will lead to a short-term and long-term loss for them.

You can handle issues with your neighbors, relatives, and others with a better understanding. Without further delay, let’s go deep into conflict management skills.

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Conflict Management – Theory, Style & Conflict Types

conflict management

The presence of conflict is the universal truth of this world. Whenever more than one person is at the same place or connected in any way, there will be conflict. The same principle applies to the business. No matter the business size, segment, industries, conflict is always there.

But when there is conflict, management works on rectifying those conflicts and ensures everyone works and prospers in a good way. In this article, we will be covering various perspectives of conflict management.

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