How to Register a Company? 9 Essential Documents & Steps

How to Register a Company

Registering your company means simply giving its value, a reputation, and a brand profile. Just as a father’s name has name for his son or daughter, company registration provides businesess a legal identity in the marketplace.

Registration of a company in India is trouble-free and doesn’t take much of a hustle. But, one must have all the required documents, both manual and electronic, ready at the time of registration. This article aims to provide some significant steps and documents that one might need while registering their company, and we will discuss how to register a company in India.

This article shall deal with the registration process of three widely known company structures, i.e., Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company, and One Person Company. We will talk about the simple steps through which one gets their respective type of company registered.

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What is Trade? Definition, Nature & Types of Trade

what is trade

Trade is a vital social activity because society requires a constant supply of things to meet ever-increasing, ever-changing, but never-ending human demands. Consumers and countries might be exposed to items and services that are not available in their own country through global trade.

Barter was an early form of trading. The exchange of products and services for other goods and services was known as bartering. Bartering is a method of exchanging goods without the use of money.

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What is Business? Concept – Importance, Types & Nature

what is business

Humans are constantly involved in some activity or another to satisfy their insatiable desires. We come across the words ‘business’ and ‘businessman’ daily, either directly or indirectly. In today’s environment, the business has become a necessary component. The source of revenue generation is business. It’s a way to make money in foreign currency.

If we look into the etymology of the term ‘Business’ it is a cumulative form of two words, i.e. ‘busy’ and ‘ness’, but a business has to offer so much more than just being busy. This article deals with the different aspects, types, nature and significance of business.

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Difference between Entrepreneurs and Businessmen | 6 Hidden Aspects

Difference between Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

The entrepreneurs and businessmen are generally misunderstood and look similar term but conceptually, there are critical differences between their intention approach to business.

In simple words, the entrepreneurs and businessmen have their own distinct approach and belief towards businesses, however, the final goal of both of them is to make profits by providing whatever products or services they are offering to the society.

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