Product Design and Development | Importance | Process | Advantages

Product Design and Development:   Table of Content: Product Design and Development Importance of Product Design and Development Advantages and Disadvantages What does Product Design and Development do? Phases involved in Product Design and Development   What Does Product and Service Design Do? Multiply more customer because of the product or services according to the … Read more

What is Drop Shipping? | Beginner Guide

What is Drop Shipping? A few years ago there was the old traditional business model in retail sectors like fashion, electronics, gadgets etc. We had to go to the shop or retail outlets to purchase any product. In this case, retailers had to maintain their stock and range of the number of products. For this, … Read more

Steps to Generate A Business Idea

Steps to Generate a Business Idea: Importance of Business Idea to found an enterprise: There is always a reason to set up any business enterprise or launch a new product or unique services. It can either be a major problem of a human being or be an innovative idea. But it is very difficult to … Read more

What is Bitcoin?| Bitcoin Risk Analysis | Virtual Investment vs Actual Investment

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a virtual currency discovered by the programmer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 for the purpose of transactions between two persons in the digital world. bitcoin is a decentralised currency that means it is not regulated under any of Government Authority. In other words, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency use peer to peer technology to transfer … Read more

What is Venture Capital? | Venture Capitalists

What is Venture Capital? Venture Capital is an important source of finance for those small and medium-sized firms which have very few sources of raising funds. Although such firms may have huge potential to earn huge profit in future and establish itself into a large organisation. But the common investors are not willing to invest … Read more