Difference between Entrepreneurs and Businessmen | 6 Hidden Aspects

Difference between Entrepreneurs and Businessmen

The entrepreneurs and businessmen are generally misunderstood and look similar term but conceptually, there are critical differences between their intention approach to business.

In simple words, the entrepreneurs and businessmen have their own distinct approach and belief towards businesses, however, the final goal of both of them is to make profits by providing whatever products or services they are offering to the society.

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How to start business in India | 9 Easy Steps for Beginners

how to start business in India

If you are planning to set up a new business in India and don’t have any idea about how to start business in India, you are at the right path where I’ll guide you regarding 9 mandatory steps before starting any new business/ firm/ company.

Obviously, I’m not going to guide you about innovative business ideas or brainstorming to start a business. In fact, I’ll explain to you some essential guidelines that are must to set up a business in India.

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How to Achieve Sales Target | 7 Easy Steps

how to achieve sales target

How to Set up and Achieve Sales Target: Meeting 100% of the sales target is probably hard nut to crack for the sales executive, however one could make it happen and achieve his targets comfortably by executing a few significant steps properly. Most of the sales representatives don’t know how to achieve sales target easily … Read more

How to Start Business |10 Simple Steps

How to start business

Setting up a company might be anyone’s dream, however, it isn’t a cakewalk to start a business in India. One who wishes to set up his own company has to have a strong desire and unique thought process. Setting up a business involves various steps and procedures so that one will be able to forecast his business success.

There are plenty of opportunities available in India for small and medium types of businesses whether it comes to service or manufacturing or marketing of goods.

Despite various opportunities and resources available in India, we need to have sufficient knowledge to utilise every resource properly.

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