Top Leadership Activities For Teens To be a Great Leader

Leaders are inborn; however, some people gain some leadership qualities and experiences that make them great leaders over time. These leadership qualities help them to succeed in achieving their goals.

Nevertheless, remember that leadership is a gradual process, and a person’s teenage period is the most appropriate time to practice leadership. Hence they must participate in some or the other leadership program to develop their inherent leadership skills.

Best Leadership Activities For Teens –

Besides, leadership training will help these young people master the abilities they require to succeed. If such leadership activities are imparted to teenagers through games, the lessons will remain fresh and memorable in their minds. So, let us proceed and see what are the best and appropriate leadership activities for teens.

1. Goal Pyramid Leadership Activity:

In this game, the leaders are made into a team and are given the goal of completing a cup pyramid, each of whose steps will assist them in achieving specific goals. You can arrange a group of five to thirty teens for this task. Provide 6 cups of plastic to each player. Ensure that all the remaining cups are stacked in one corner of the empty room and supply a marker to each participant.

As soon as you say ‘start,’ each player must go running to the room’s other corner to grab a cup and a marker. They must then sit down on the floor to write their specific goals over the cups. The goal cups must be left at the same places where the marker has penned them down. The players must then repeat the same process, again and again, five times.

As soon as the process completes, their owners stack the cups into pyramids with the goals on the top. Those players who can create the pyramids without giving them a chance to fall over must be declared winners. This leadership activity will improve the problem-solving as well as goal-setting skills of the youths.

2. Electric Fence Leadership Activity:

It’s a leadership activity in the form of a game that builds trust among one another and results in good teamwork with the help of intelligent thinking. For playing this game:

  • Make some teams such that each group will contain 4 to 5 members.
  • Make an electric fence as a rope that should exist at a certain height from the floor.
  • Allot the members a time limit of thirty seconds.

Within this time limit, each of the team is required to leap over the ‘electric fence’ and cross it I’m a safe manner. They can not touch the rope while doing so, hence the name, ‘electric fence.’ It would help if you later judged which team had succeeded in finishing the job faster without touching the fence. That team will be the winner of the game.

3. Collab To Create – Leadership Activity:

Choose a final product or project having several elements on which the team of the teens must work. For illustration, ask them to formulate some toddler storybooks. Allot each teen on the team to write individual parts of the story. Their collaborative skills will be enhanced when they work towards a common goal or objective with separate segments. Besides, they will also understand the value of productive communication.

4. ‘Photo Finish’ Leadership Activity/Game:

Bring the teens to a place where a straight line has been drawn over the ground. Ask them to keep standing for some time on that line’s one side. When you say ‘start,’ they must cross the line immediately. Though the game sounds simple, some limited attempts and creative problem-solving techniques are required for crossing the line, and that too at a perfect time. To make the game more fun, you may click some pictures of the activity or record its videos.

5. Team Snack Challenge Leadership Activity:

It’s a small group game in which 3 to 5 players are assigned to present a designated snack. They have to perform this without any oral transmission. In this game, first, a person begins the preparation of a designated snack. After one minute, they must depart the cooking area silently and allow the next person to enter. They must figure out the snack’s name and continue cooking it. Everyone must be given a turn in this game, and the last person is given the responsibility to serve a finished snack.

Those teams are declared winners who gave produced the correct snack. The lost team must be helped with possible strategies for winning, and they must start the game again. After the game’s completion, open a conversation about the techniques that worked and are not.

Also, figure out why the failed techniques don’t work. The game is of a high-pressure nature and will teach the teenage player dedication skills as well as organizational capabilities on the fly. The capacity to process information and make quick decisions will assist the teens in meeting deadlines.

6. The Baggy Skit Leadership Game:

This fun-filled activity is enough to bring a great chuckle to the mouth of each of the teens. It lends an excellent opportunity to recognize the strengths as well as shortcomings of each of the team members. They must utilize it to do different benefits to their team.

In this leadership activity, form some teams encompassing 4 to 5 team members in each group. A bag with 3 to 4 household items is provided to each team, and ask the team members conduct a skit taking the commodities as props. The winning team wins by using the commodities most effectively. Each team’s skit performance must be recorded so that the teens can watch them again and again and respect these memories.

Wrapping Up:

So, provide these leadership activities or games to the teens and observe how they respond to these activities. If their response is not perfect, it’s essential to teach them how to become perfect and build their leadership skills. After all, today’s youths will become future leaders someday!

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