Leadership Activities For Adults To Foster Their Growth

Leadership always plays a significant part, whether it be in your workplace or any other social organization. Participating in such leadership activities for adults shall foster your further leadership development and also lead to improved performance and productivity.

By experimenting with unusual leadership improvement activities for adults, you can modify them so that they fit your company’s requirements. But, what kind of leadership activities will work best for the adults?

7 Leadership Activities For Adults –

Here we shortlisted the best leadership activities that will perfectly suit the adults which help them develop valuable leadership qualities.

1. The ‘You’re A Poet’ Leadership Game:

Writing a poem always harnesses creativity in a person. So, to harness the creativity of an adult person and make him understand leadership concepts, you may choose to give him the leadership activity of writing a poem. He can do this task individually or along with a team. This activity aims to assess leadership in creative manners for discovering new perspectives. Landau devised this game in 2018.

2. Zoom:

In this game, provide the participants a haphazardly provided sequential pictures. The activity requires the participants to place the images in the exact order for recreating the story without realizing the photos that the other participants possess. With the help of this activity, my tolerance, communication, and patience as a leader improve. Stepshift devised this game in 2016.

3. Stand Up:

Landau formulated this leadership activity in the form of a game in 2018. In this game, there will be two people. Both of them must crouch on the floor by facing one another. Holding the hands, they should place together their feet’s soles. Now, both of them must be asked to stand up.

With the help of this game, you will get the skills of collaboration and the ability to figure out various problems. Also, the activity will build trust and the spirit of teamwork within you.

4. Leadership Guidance From A Person, Who’s Your Role Model:

Every person has a role model they appreciate and want to follow. Similarly, the employees of an organization or other adults consider someone or the other a role model or ideal person for them. So, organize this game and ask all the participants individually to consider someone a role model for them whom they respect.

Each participant will then think of a youthful person they know and admire. Then, ask them individually what could have been their ideal young person’s advice if they are asked about the leadership advisor’s role model?

Create groups and discuss the answers to the above question with the group members. Also, talk about various aspects of the contracting points and arguments. This idea-sharing and debatable discussion will help you with a logical introduction to the clue of situational leadership.

5. The Marshmallow Challenge:

Tom Wujec is the mastermind who composed the leadership game or activity, “The Marshmallow Challenge .”Organize some spaghetti, string, sticks, and tape. Make some teams and ask the team members to construct the highest free-standing structure using this stuff. At last, tell them to place one marshmallow above their structures.

See which team’s marshmallow remains the same above the tower they built.

Those teams must be declared winners. And those whose marshmallow falls lose the game. The game produces balancing abilities, perseverance, and diligence in the participants.

6. Crocodile River:

It’s an outdoor leadership activity devised by Cserti in 2018. The game challenges a team to physically provide backing to its members’ demeanor shifting from a designated space’s one end to the other. The participants are expected to feign that they and the entire team are crossing a wide river containing dangerous crocodiles.

The wooden planks must be assumed as magic stones, which are the only support in the hand of the team members for crossing the river. The stones must be positioned next to the bank of the river. One less plank must be kept than the number of participants present there.

The game’s rule is that the crocodile will nip off the participants’ hands/feet if those parts of them get in contact with the water. The facilitator must pretend himself as a crocodile. He should closely notice the participants’ activities as they cross the river.

This activity must be continued until all the team members reach the other river bank. If any member falls in, the entire group is considered to fail. So, then, the group has to start the venture of crossing the river again.

7. Leadership Pizza:

Like the previous one, this leadership game was also devised by Cserti in 2018. The activity benefits the adults by developing some leadership qualities in them. And that it does with the providence of a self-assessment tool.

The participants are asked to begin the activity by recognizing the attributes, personalities, and aptitudes that, according to them, are vital for triumphant leadership. They are given time to think about it.

After that, they rate the advancement of themselves in particular specified areas. The framework may, furthermore, contribute a beneficial tool that assists the adults in spotting goals of their leadership development through a training session. Besides, it also stimulates the logical thinking of individuals.

Wrapping Up:

The above leadership activities or games are necessary for developing leadership excellence in an adult person. So, which leadership activity among the above do you choose to implement in your organization’s members. Whichever exercises you plan to organize, organize them so that it creates interest in the employees. They will then play the games seriously, thus, completing your mission.

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