Behavioural Theory Of Leadership – Explained! with Example

Behavioural Theory Of Leadership

People believe that nobody is born a leader in this world, instead, they are made. It is exceptionally written in the Behavioural theory of leadership. According to the theory, a person becomes an effective leader only when his behaviour is appropriate with different people in different circumstances.

But, how can we know which behaviour is suitable for which event? And, what exactly is this Behavioural theory of leadership? Come! Let’s communicate in detail.

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Trait Theory Of Leadership |Upsides & Downsides – Explained! with Example

Trait Theory Of Leadership

Many historical theories or ideas about leadership believe leadership is innate or inborn. One such theory is the theory of the Great Man. And, you can deem the trait theory of leadership as a follow-up of that theory. Trait leadership theory bestows its focus primarily on five significant leadership traits & they are intellect, determination, conviviality, self-confidence & morality.

In this article, we shall discuss the trait theory of leadership and its characteristics with examples.

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Contingency Theory Of Leadership – Its Traits, Advantages, Models

Contingency Theory Of Leadership

Many people believe that great leaders are born by birth. They are born with leadership qualities or made into a leader either by themselves or by someone else. But, what if some situation arises where these leadership qualities fail? Or, what if the task attributed to him is challenging that has to be handled differently & can’t be managed with his leadership qualities alone?

Here flees the behavioral theory of leadership & the trait theory of leadership & enters the contingency theory of leadership. But, what are its attributes, advantages & disadvantages?

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Geographic Departmentalization – Why It Is Important?

Displaying Geographic Departmentalization

Sometimes, few business enterprises formulate their actions based on varied geographical regions & locales. And this particularly happens in the outbreak of businesses with several chains or branches at different places.

Now the question arises, Is the technique of geographic departmentalization effective for an organization? And what role does it play in an organization? Take the example of a minor retail chain business or a yummy fast-food chain business with many branches everywhere.

In this article, we shall discuss what exactly geographic departmentalization is? and how is it beneficial for an organization?

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