Brand Positioning Strategy – How To formulate It? Importance & Types

We all know that a brand never becomes popular all of a sudden. It takes time, various techniques & a lot of hard work to achieve such popularity. And one such technique for attaining your brand popularity is brand positioning. It sets your brand & its products/services in your clients’ minds.

And, for positioning your brand, you have to resort to certain brand positioning strategy. These brand positioning strategies will take your organization’s brand into a new dimension & set it apart from the other brands now in vogue in the market. But, what are these brand positioning strategies & how do you craft them? We will further discuss in this article.

Brand Positioning Strategy – Why Is It Vital For A Brand Or A Company?

A brand positioning policy may be a paramount piece of the prevailing positioning concept. And the fame of any market’s brand hinges to a great extent on the brand positioning strategies’ trait of actualization & advancement.

Hence, formulating fruitful brand positioning strategy is vital for profitable compeign. Besides, a brand positioning strategy is assigned not merely for a marketing matter. Also, it is formulated to fulfill the company’s significant general, financial & social endeavors.

Therefore, brand positioning techniques generate publicity for sales improvement, trademarks & market share proliferation. It also enhances the brand’s value not only in front of its consumers but also in the life of the corporation’s employees.

What Are The Basic Stages For The Growth & Enactment Of The Brand Positioning Strategy?

There are 9 basic stages for the growth & enactment of the brand positioning strategy of a company & they are:

  • Analyzing the products or services of a company & their internal as well as external environments
  • Designing the trademark for the company’s brand
  • Selecting & reasoning the features of the differential brand positioning
  • Describing the positioning method or strategy
  • Clarifying the strategic as well as tactical targets & keeping a foresight for the accomplishment of those targets
  • Developing an implementation strategy agenda
  • Implementing the strategy
  • Evaluating the results & controlling the implementation of the strategy
  • Taking punitive actions

Different Kinds Of Brand Positioning Techniques:

1) Consumer Service Type Brand Positioning Technique:

A corporation’s brand can set itself off from the rest of the brands available in the market by giving prompt response consumer assistance to its buyers. It grabs the compassion of the buyers towards the brand. In fact, this technique will also rationalize the reason for having a greater price for the brand.

Also, to make this strategy victorious, don’t forget to provide the members of your company’s team with excellent customer service software.

2) Price-Based Brand Positioning Technique:

With this positioning strategy, a brand shows its customers that its company provides its products to them at the most accessible option. Their products are cheaper than competitors, and they are offering their products at this price while maintaining the quality of their products. This strategy will work great on budget-conscious shoppers.

3) Convenience-Based Brand Positioning Technique:

This strategy for brand positioning sees that the customers get persuaded by your product’s or service’s convenience over that of the others. The conveniences you can give to your customers for buying your products or services may be ease of location, multiple platform backing, ease of use, convenient design, broad accessibility, etc.

For instance, Swiffer’s WetJet is a product that serves as a convenient substitute for traditional mops. The reason behind its convenience is the disposable mopping pads present in it.

4) Quality-Based Brand Positioning Technique:

Customers always want to buy quality products & some of them even want to purchase the product that is best in quality among all, whatever be its price in the market. And this is where this strategy works. Through this strategy, a company makes its customers believe that they are offering the best quality products in exchange for a premium rate.

And, they can show off their product’s premium quality by explaining that the products have been made with excellent craftsmanship & high-quality, sustainable materials in small-batch productions.

5) Social Media Brand Positioning Technique:

This kind of strategy uses social media platforms to position a brand. It remains focussed on some channels that your brand makes use of.

6) Differentiation Brand Positioning Technique:

This strategy relies on your product’s uniqueness. It shows the buyers your product’s innovative quality or features that differentiate it from the traditional ones.

7) Miscellaneous Brand Positioning Techniques:

A brand can also be positioned with the assistance of many other miscellaneous positioning strategies. First, positioning a product is possible by promoting the product as the remedy to certain pervasive problems. Secondly, you can arrange for ad campaigns & directly challenge the benefits of your products over other brands’ products. You can invite the other brands there to accept your challenge.

How to formulate Brand Positioning Strategy?

  • Find out what’s the position of your brand in the market
  • Construct a brand essence map for your corporation
  • Try to find out who are your competitors in the market
  • Perform a competitor research
  • Try to recognize, what’s the unique value proposition of your brand’s commodities
  • Design a satisfactory brand positioning framework for your business
  • Make the positioning statement for your brand
  • Examine if the positioning of your brand that you have done is working out or not
  • Connect emotionally & build a hearty relationship with your clients & probable buyers
  • Present the differentiating characteristics of your brand in front of others as the sales process is going on
  • Cultivate value
  • Make the customer-facing employees exemplify your product’s or service’s brand.

Final Words:

Hey! you have glimpsed from the above how easily you can compose your brand positioning strategy & execute them by following certain rules. So, just carry them out in your business & see it grow.

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