Steps to Generate A Business Idea

Steps to Generate a Business Idea: Importance of Business Idea to found an enterprise: There is always a reason to set up any business enterprise or launch a new product or unique services. It can either be a major problem of a human being or be an innovative idea. But it is very difficult to … Read more

What is Bitcoin?| Bitcoin Risk Analysis | Virtual Investment vs Actual Investment

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a virtual currency discovered by the programmer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 for the purpose of transactions between two persons in the digital world. bitcoin is a decentralised currency that means it is not regulated under any of Government Authority. In other words, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency use peer to peer technology to transfer … Read more

What is Venture Capital? | Venture Capitalists

What is Venture Capital? Venture Capital is an important source of finance for those small and medium-sized firms which have very few sources of raising funds. Although such firms may have huge potential to earn huge profit in future and establish itself into a large organisation. But the common investors are not willing to invest … Read more

Entrepreneur Meaning, Definition, Entrepreneur Characteristics

Entrepreneur Meaning, Definition, Entrepreneur Characteristics:     Entrepreneur Meaning and Definition: When it comes to the term Entrepreneur, there are lots of definition available on internet and textbook. But this is not a management examination where you have to write an authentic definition of “entrepreneur” otherwise you will not score good marks. Our intention is to understand … Read more