Difference between Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship

Although both term Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship are understood similar, however, there are some key differences when it comes to the difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. But how would you differentiate an entrepreneur from entrepreneurship?

Therefore, for more clarity on the term Entrepreneur and Entrepreneurship, let us derive a formula.

Entrepreneur (Person)  +   Entrepreneurship (Process)     =       Enterprise (Outcome)     

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Controlling in Management | Definition, Limitation and Importance of Controlling

Controlling in Management: Controlling is one of the important function of a manager. Controlling function of a manager is the most common function. Managers at all level of management – Top, middle and lower need to perform controlling function to keep control over activities in their areas.   In order to seek planned result from the … Read more

Customer Relationship Management | Importance, Process and Objectives

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Staffing in Management

Staffing in Management:     The foundation of any small or big organisation is talented and hard-working employees who are the main assets of any company. It is believed that an organisation can achieve its goal only when it has the right person in the right position. Therefore, Staffing in Management is one of the essential processes for establishing … Read more

Delegation of Authority | Definition, Elements | Advantages

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