Leadership Activities For Students To Develop Inherent Leadership Skills

Accepting a leadership position can be exceedingly empowering, especially for students. However, leadership abilities never evolve abruptly. Right outlets are required for these skills to get developed in students. Leadership skills make a student stand out among other students as a leader in the classroom.

So, some of the leadership activities are designed keeping the students’ interests in mind. These activities will encourage them to develop various skills required for leading other people as a leader. In this article, we shall know such leadership activities for students which help in developing their inherent leadership skills.

6 Leadership Activities For Students –

Here, the critical part is not that a student is doing great as a leader but how he/she has reached the destination. It’s all about his/her journey towards becoming a leader. And not to mention, school or college life are lovely times for starting such a transformative journey. Arranging some leadership activities in the classroom will provide the students with an excellent opportunity to cultivate their leadership skills.

1) ‘Just Listen to’ Game Or Leadership Activity:

Explain to the students that you are getting on to fiddle a game and want to involve them in it. Agree with them that neither you nor they will talk about yourselves for the entire day. They only have to listen to what other people say.

And, in case they chat with another person, the topic of discussion will be about the individual they are speaking with. The game was planned for the students by Edsys in 2016. It will make the learners realize the importance of focusing on others instead of only themselves. The game will teach them ‘relational leadership.’

2) Silence Classroom Activity For Leadership:

Formulated by Stapleton in 2018, this leadership game provides some tasks to the students through the head person of the classroom. The students have to perform these tasks in silence. They can’t talk to each other about the method of completion of the task.

The teacher must first divide the pupils into two groups. Their desks must be separated to create more space. Now, the students are given instructions to stand in a row according to their surname’s first letters’ or ‘arrange as per age or birth month.

The students must act as they are directed but without speaking a single word to any other person. Though, they can use their hand signals and are also allowed to write the instructions on paper for their help. The group that will be able to complete the tasks successfully is the one who will win the game.

3) ‘Brainstorming For Change’ Leadership Game:

This game, just like the one described above, was created by Stapleton in 2018. In this game, as a teacher, you must make 4 or 5 groups for the students and divide them into those groups. Give them a particular problem or topic and ask them to brainstorm solutions (both small and large-scale solutions) for that problem.

Give them some time. After each group has done its task of finding solutions, facilitate a dialogue with the entire class. Speak with them and identify the solutions that would be the most viable options for the problem. The game’s purpose is to present possible antidotes to various economic, social, and political issues.

4) Blindfold Leader Game:

Stapleton also formulated this game in 2018 to evolve students’ leadership. In this activity, the teacher has to arrange a classroom’s students in a row, and make a starting and a finishing point. Next, the teacher positions a blindfold on each student except for the one standing at the line’s front.

As per the teacher’s instruction, the students are required to place their left hand over the front person’s left hand. As soon as the teacher mumbles, “go .”The person who isn’t blindfolded has to step in towards the ending point.

The teacher can make the game more demanding by plopping some impediments on the way. The leaders are allowed to enlighten the followers on the ways to prevent the barriers. They should also tell them how to catch the finish line with success. After achieving the goal, it will be the turn of a different student to become a leader and do the same things.

5) Buckets And Balls:

leadership game

Cohen developed this leadership game in the interest of the students in 2017. The game intends to shift each ball from one particular box to another. The rule of the game is that the team members have to play the game without using their hands and arms. The teams must be made equal-sized, and the players can choose handlers (one handler/team) for their teams.

The handlers will be able to touch the balls using their hands. They must remain beneath the start line all through the game. Each team member attempts to obtain balls from their respective bucket at the end line and transfer them to the handlers of their teams. The teams’ handlers must put the balls into their empty bucket at the start line.

Touching the balls by any team member will disqualify him. He can no longer partake in the game. Each team will get a time limit of 5 minutes, and they will play simultaneously. The team that will obtain the most balls within their handler’s bucket after those 5 minutes is declared the winner of the game.

6) Volunteering Leadership Activity:

Students’ most important source of inspiration comes from a worthy cause like volunteering. Discuss with your students if they want to participate in any volunteering work and how they would feel if they were entangled with an advocacy association or group. Volunteering can benefit them by changing their world. It will expand the young students’ horizons in every meaningful way.

Final Words:

So, try any of the above activities in your classroom with your students and notice how they feel. See if you are catching a glimpse of any leadership qualities within the students due to these games. If yes, guide them towards a favourable destiny so they can become great leaders in the future and make their organizations’ names memorable through their names and abilities.

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