Conflict Management – Theory, Style & Conflict Types

conflict management

The presence of conflict is the universal truth of this world. Whenever more than one person is at the same place or connected in any way, there will be conflict. The same principle applies to the business. No matter the business size, segment, industries, conflict is always there.

But when there is conflict, management works on rectifying those conflicts and ensures everyone works and prospers in a good way. In this article, we will be covering various perspectives of conflict management.

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Organizing in Management – Definition, Process & Importance

organizing in management

Can you imagine you becoming successful in your life without proper planning and organizing your day-to-day affair? We have a little doubt you can make your name among the successful people. Management rules are not only made for the organization, but also they are relevant in your day-to-day life.

One principle that is doing the round all the time in the business environment is the organizing function of management. Do you want to know what all fuss about this? If yes, you are at the right place to know detailed information on organizing in management.

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Dysfunctional Conflict – How to resolve? Explained! with Example

dysfunctional conflict

We human beings have so many positive and negative qualities. Whatever our case is, we keep bringing our negative aspects into the office without thinking about its harmful effects on the overall business. Egos, negative thinking, greed, high expectation, tendency to fight, procrastination, absenteeism, unprofessional working, lousy communication skills, and no inclination towards learning are negative aspects that become detrimental to organizational growth.

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Functional Conflict – Benefits, Resolution -Explained! with Example

functional conflict

When it comes to conflict, we always have negative notions in our minds. But the reality is somehow different. Conflict is not always negative, and it can bring significant momentum to business by bringing new solutions. The conflict has the potential to bring about changes in all types of business setups when it is explored in a good way.

Based on the negative and positive perceptions of conflict, it is classified into functional and dysfunctional conflicts. In this detailed article, we will focus on functional conflict and explore different aspects of that.

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Channel Conflict – How to Resolve it? Causes, Consequences

Channel Conflict

A business has to deal with so many disputes, disagreements, conflict, discord, etc., that hampers the profitability, sales, and overall business environments. Management needs to keep a close look at all those issues to bring more business prospects. Channel conflict is one of the major issues that every company has to deal with in their business life cycle.

In this article, we will go through detailed information on channel conflict with meaning, types, causes, consequences, and how to avoid a channel conflict?

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