Importance of Planning | Why Planning is Important in Business?

Importance of Planning     Planning is not only essential for business entities but also it is important for various stages of life such as education, career point of view, preparing for exams, starting a business, apply for a job etc. When it comes to business, Planning is the first and primary function of management. It is everywhere … Read more

Functions of Entrepreneurship

Functions of Entrepreneurship       A successful entrepreneur has a high capacity of taking risks and has faith in his own capabilities. The function of an entrepreneur is to coordinate for the business management of the enterprise, risk-taking, controlling the enterprise, innovation for change, motivation and other related activities. In reality, entrepreneurs have to … Read more

Entrepreneurship Meaning | Define Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Meaning and Definition:       Entrepreneurship refers to the functions that are performed by an entrepreneur to establish an enterprise. In simple words, Entrepreneurship is an art to be an entrepreneur. As a manager performs various activities for the management of an organisation similarly an entrepreneur implements the different process of Entrepreneurship to establish … Read more

What is Drop Shipping? | Beginner Guide

What is Drop Shipping? A few years ago there was the old traditional business model in retail sectors like fashion, electronics, gadgets etc. We had to go to the shop or retail outlets to purchase any product. In this case, retailers had to maintain their stock and range of the number of products. For this, … Read more

Steps to Generate A Business Idea

Steps to Generate a Business Idea: Importance of Business Idea to found an enterprise: There is always a reason to set up any business enterprise or launch a new product or unique services. It can either be a major problem of a human being or be an innovative idea. But it is very difficult to … Read more