Effective Communication | 9 Unique skills to communicate effectively

effective communication

Communication shall work effective for those who shall work effectively for it.

What is Communication?

Communication is basically a process of conveying or sharing information through speech, writing, or some other means. It may also relate to a letter or message containing information or news, as well as the active conveying or exchanging of ideas and feelings.

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Discounting Bill of Exchange | Meaning-Cum-Process

Discounting of Bill of Exchange

Goods or services are bought generally on credit whether it is traded locally or internationally. Therefore, maintaining a positive cash flow becomes a major challenge for suppliers.

Potential Buyers always demand trade credit from sellers while purchasing goods or services. Hence, discounting bill of exchange facilities the suppliers in the management of short-term capital for their business.

This article elaborates what exactly discounting of bill or bill discounting is and how does it work?

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Government Banks in India – [List As of April – 2021]

government banks in india

Banks are the most significant components of the Indian financial system. There are typically two major types of banks in India eg. Public Sector Banks & Private Sector Banks.

Public Sector Banks are also known as Government Banks, hence, in this article, we will provide a complete list of government banks in India.

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Types of Entrepreneurs & Entrepreneurship | In-depth Guide

entrepreneur types

In today’s world, there are 582 million entrepreneurs. This means that one out of every thirteen individuals owns a company! While there is a lot of conversation about entrepreneurship, not everyone understands what it really means. In this article, we will understand the classification, types of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship.

Here’s a guide to a more in-depth article on the topic.

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Trade Credit | Meaning, Advantages & Importance in Business

trade credit

Businesses without credit are hard to imagine. In today’s scenario, working capital and cash flow are some of the most significant aspects of business or trading (B2B).

The customers, especially, in B2B (Business 2 Business) want to purchase goods/ services on a credit basis without paying cash upfront.

Therefore, role of Trade Credit comes into picture and plays a vital role in B2B transactions.

This article intends to put forward what exactly is Trade Credit, and how important it is during B2B sales between two parties/ companies.

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