Trade Credit | Meaning, Advantages & Importance in Business

trade credit

Businesses without credit are hard to imagine. In today’s scenario, working capital and cash flow are some of the most significant aspects of business or trading (B2B).

The customers, especially, in B2B (Business 2 Business) want to purchase goods/ services on a credit basis without paying cash upfront.

Therefore, role of Trade Credit comes into picture and plays a vital role in B2B transactions.

This article intends to put forward what exactly is Trade Credit, and how important it is during B2B sales between two parties/ companies.

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Supplier Credit | How does it work? | Explained

supplier credit

In the case of high-value international transactions, there is always a requirement for a credit to promote export businesses of a country. Hence, the Trade Credit has a significant role in cross border trade/ transactions.

There are basically, two types of trade credit viz buyer’s credit & supplier credit. For detailed information about the Buyer’s credit follow the link below.

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