What is Bank Guarantee? Meaning, Types | Charges and Process

Bank Guarantee: When the Central Government/ State Government or large companies float a tender or offers to purchase goods/ services/ equipment or any other instruments, the small vendors/ supplier or firms require to provide assurance from banks to ensure responsibility of vendors/ firms towards the tender or trade. The banks provide the guarantee of performance … Read more

What is Escrow Account? | How does it works? | Meaning and Process

What is Escrow Account? www.thesisbusiness.com When it comes to international trade or large transactions or corporate deals between two parties or individuals where the trustworthiness regarding fulfilment of contractual obligations of any parties or company or individuals is uncertain, there surely arise the requirement of an Escrow Account to avoid or eliminate the risk associated … Read more

Monetary Policy of RBI | Objectives, Instruments | Process

Monetary Policy of RBI: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the central bank of India which is responsible for regulating various financial institutions such as scheduled banks, non-scheduled banks and Non-Banking Finance Institutions (NBFCs). The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) being a monetary authority (Statutory Body) of India is also responsible for formulating and … Read more

What is Monetary Policy? Objectives, Types | Instruments of Monetary Policy

What is Monetary Policy? www.thesisbusiness.com “The Monetary Policy is the sets of policies (rules and regulations or activities) which are adopted by the Monetary Authority (central bank) of a country to regulate the money supply, to influence inflation rate, interest rates, unemployment rate and to stabilise the currency exchange rate with respect to other currencies.” … Read more

Open Market Operations (OMO) | Meaning, Process | Functions

Open Market Operations: “An Open Market Operations refers to the exchange of securities between the central bank and the commercial banks or group of commercial banks or other financial institutions to regulate the supply of money and to stabilise inflation rate, exchange rate and interest rates.” In other words, an Open Market Operations (OMO) is … Read more