9 Critial Leadership Gift Ideas For An Efficient Leader

Leadership has never been an easy topic to explain, and the giftedness in leadership is not simple either. True leaders are often sought after as they are born with some innate leadership gift ideas that they keep on cultivating throughout their life to create them better.

They never inflict pain but bear and focus on them to get relief from those pains by discovering solutions. The heightened motivation of a leader inspired by charismatic and transformational leadership is value-neutral, as in the case of M K Gandhi, Jesus Christ, Rev. Jim Jones, Rev. Martin Luther King, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, etc.

A real leader always strives to establish an office culture that fosters leadership by encouraging others to become leaders. We never call a person a genuine leader only if he is potentially good in more than one domain. He should also be a potential leader in those domains.

Leadership Gift Ideas –

Everyone can’t put up with the responsibility of a leader just by comprehending a lot about their fields. One who plays a leadership role in his field using his gifted qualities, including those he has cultivated so far, can be honored as an authentic leader. Morality, honesty, a caring attitude towards others’ feelings, and social responsibility remain in the gene of a leader. He is the one upon whose future vision people entrust.

So, a leader’s intuitive gifts are usually both ethical and inspirational. But, what are the major inborn and not-inborn gifts or blessings that a leader retains within him? Come, let’s dive into them:

Inborn Gift Ideas Of A Leader:

1) Interpersonal Communication:

The ability to communicate with others and inspire them with his words is a great gift of a leader, which makes him and his company take space in the mind of others and win big deals. Besides, a real leader is not just a speaker but also a great listener. He lends his attention to the speaker fully during any conversation.

The leader is good at retaining eye contact and conveying an upright mode of body language. If he has to respond to you, he does it thoughtfully instead of turning the conversation to the matters he wants to speak about. He would raise a question to clarify something when required. Great leaders always possess a profound curiosity about other people’s ideas rather than just conveying them to others.

2) Creativity:

Natural leaders come to this world with their talent of creativity, though with time, this talent gets more polished. They, through their creativity, demonstrate their ability to instigate original and innovative notions, derivatives, and approaches. They are not only creative but also encourage their direct reports to become creative.

3) Intelligence And Wisdom:

The wisdom cum intelligence in a leader is god-gifted though these qualities of him have to be refined with time for his development as a promising leader. Thus, a leader’s wisdom is combined with his awareness, insight, experience, etc. And intelligence enables him to evaluate the viewpoints of others and hypothetically place them within any plan for verifying if they fit correctly in it or not.

4) Honesty And Virtue:

Integrity, truthfulness, virtue, as well as honesty are the inseparable qualities of an authentic leader that are gifted. These qualities help him stay moral in any situation and provide valid and credible information to others without being questioned. Besides, these qualities solidify the bonds of trust between the leader and his official acquaintances.

5) Problem-Solving Ability:

Problem-solving is mainly the thing for which leaders exist. And as leaders, always target to minimize the emergence of crises. So, they become audacious enough to attack any problem head-on before situations force their hands.

6) Decision-Making Ability:

The Decision-making ability of a leader is his capability to choose an appropriate option, and the problem-solving ability of a leader is directly related to his decision-making ability. This is because making a decision is a problem-solving skill, and it has three main ways a leader can approach decision-making. And they are intuition, reasoning, and an assortment of both.

7) Courage & Self-Confidence:

A leader is always courageous and possesses the gift of self-confidence. The courage stimulates him to take risks. He even acquires the determination to make decisions that may be unpopular but will bring long time good for the organization. And his courage, with time, keeps improving for the better, thus making him a better leader. Similarly, any effective leadership requires self-confidence within the leader. Giving opinions when uncertainty is present in it is tough.

However, good leaders undertake responsibility when they choose an uncertain outcome. Natural leaders have confidence in themselves that they will be able to accomplish their goals and thus trust their perception. Their Self-confidence reassures them that they are not doing any wrong and bolsters their faith in the missions and ideals of the organization.

Gift Ideas Of A Leader That Are Not Inborn:

1) Transformational Giftedness:

These gifts of a leader are transformative. A leader possessing this gift seeks to transform the globe or realm at some level. He transforms the world in his way and tries hard to make this world a better habitat to live in. This kind of giftedness of a leader is not innate but is a cultivated one.

The gift is shaped in his school, home, office, or another place. The gift is cultivated within the individual through his interaction with his personal beliefs or behaviors towards life.

2) Transactional Giftedness:

This kind of giftedness of a leader is founded on exchange and is tit-for-tat in character. In this case, people identify and name this kind of gift in an individual and then expects something in return from that individual.

For children, this kind of leadership gift ideas is commonly a high-level performance in their academic coursework. People with this kind of giftedness are expected by society to exhibit high educational achievement.

Wrapping Up:

So, there’s no doubt that true leadership is gifted, and a leader with skillful qualities comes up with noble solutions to myriad problems.

According to Sternberg, the main talented attributes of a leader among the others are creativity, wisdom, and intelligence. And the gifts support him in establishing new and competent ideas for further development.

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