7 Innovative Leadership Activities Examples For Developing Leadership Skills

Leadership activities benefit the organization by improving performance and productivity. Most organizations comprehend well that leadership activities play a significant role in developing leadership skills.

But why are these activities so vital? Well! Not everyone has the exact definition of an efficient leader. The implication of an effective leader is different for different people.

However, running leadership activities will make you see which individuals possess the required skills for getting that position or status and what they need to improve their potential. But, what kind of leadership activities can develop leadership skills? Well! Here are some leadership activities examples:

Leadership Activities Examples –

The leadership activities help the leaders by inflicting communication, motivation, positivity, trustworthiness, creativity, responsibility, commitment, and flexibility. They foster better transmission in the workplace, this developing team cohesion.

1) Sports:

Sports bestows the leaders an experience of being team members and develops their leadership skills through the competition’s strategy. The games make them practice a target-based mentality, being available for feedback and responsibility. As a result, they learn how to set a goal and achieve them by putting a strategy. They also conclude how to survive various competitions in the market and make their own company stand in the match before fetching victory for it.

2) Volunteering:

It’s a kind of activity that assesses your dedication to any work. It tests out how dedicatedly you work to fulfill your ambition. Rehearsal, commitment, and steadfastness are the critical features of volunteering. It exhibits how committed and willful you are towards any particular thing you have an intense passion for.

3) Survival Leadership Activity:

Play a game with the leaders of your organization. Divide the players into two teams. Now present before them a survival situation like a plane crash, fire in a building, loss on an island, a shipwreck, etc. After that, provide them with an item list they may require to handle the crisis. Challenge each of the team to select three items that will support them to survive out of the crisis.

Also, ask them to illustrate how they would use these items to handle their crisis. This leadership activity will enable them to think critically and creatively. It will also facilitate strategic reasoning in them. The problem-solving experience that they gain from this activity may, in the future, help them to overcome any problem that comes to their business or the organization.

4) Minefield Activity:

This activity is given to the leaders after dividing them into two teams. The game is associated with a “blindfold” and “several obstacles.” One member of the blindfold assigns the other member a task to lead the “blind” individual through the minefield comprising several obstacles. He can use merely the words – ‘forward’, ‘backward’, ‘right’, and ‘left’.

You can carry on this activity as a game at any park or playground. You will have a great out-of-office experience. This leadership activity will encourage communication, faith, and listening among the employees of your organization.

5) The Round Table Activity:

The company must organize four round tables of equal size to initiate this activity. First, create a varied, complex, multi-step job for each table. Now, divide the employees into four different teams. Allot one for each round table. Also, appoint a leader for each. However, the leader will only be able to communicate, give directions and authorize the work that is in his hand.

They are not allowed to do the work themselves. Start the activity and record each team’s time for completing the task. Register the results before asking each group to stride to the following table. Make the team winner who possesses the lowest all-around total.

6) Skyscraper:

Leadership Activities Examples

Skyscraper is a leadership activity in which you are required to gather plenty of ordinary items such as tape, blocks, toothpicks, string, newspaper, uncooked pasta, etc. You may discover your unique tools so that this game becomes fascinating and fun-filled. You are required to arrange a bag full of marshmallows to originate the building process and its end.

Make teams of two and challenge them to build the highest tower possible with the help of the items contributed to them. Also, the activity must be done within 15 to 20 minutes. The building of the skyscraper is such that it must stand without any other’s help. Again, it supports a marshmallow positioned at a height.

You must announce the winner based on the height of their skyscraper. One whose skyscraper is the tallest will win in this case. This activity facilitates group communication, innovation, team/leadership dynamics, and problem-solving.

7) Untangling Game:

It’s a leadership game that depends on the effectiveness of communication and the working together of the members to achieve a common goal. Make everyone stand by the position of shoulder to shoulder and that too in a circle. Advise them to put their right hand within someone else’s right hand, standing on the opposite side of the created ring. Do the same thing for the left hand as well. Now, challenge the team to untangle themselves.

However, the team must remember that they can’t break the chain because breaking the chain will make them start the game from the beginning. Either set a time limitation for this game or approve it to headway towards the completion.

Final Words:

Besides, we all like to play games, and if we are made to comprehend something through the medium of games or activities, we are more than happy to accept them sincerely than to learn the same things in a schooling environment. Here’s where the importance of leadership activities is.

Through the medium of different games and activities, leadership activities teach the leaders various vital skills that help them become influential leaders in the future and promote the growth and advancement of the entire team.

So, if you want your organization to stand among the others, employ more and more leadership activities for the employees to become skillful in every leadership arena. Remember, intense leadership activities create strong leaders, and strong leaders, in turn, will make your organization stronger.

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