Difference between Preference Shares and Debentures | 11 Major Differences

difference between preference shares and debentures

Preference shares or preferred stocks and debenture are the most popular financial instrument among investors which offer better returns as compared to other instruments and have other features as well. But before making any decision one should have a clear understanding regarding the difference between Preference shares and debentures

Though both prefered shares and debentures provide a fixed rate of returns to the investor, some key differences are there which are very significant to be aware of any investor.

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Difference between Shares and Debentures | 9 Major Aspects

difference between shares and debentures

There has been always a misconception between Shares (Equity shares) and Debentures when it comes to investment form the investors’ point of view. There are some pros and cons of both shares and debentures simultaneously. 

On the other hand, if we consider the issuer’s (company) perspective equity shares are the permanent capital and debentures are liabilities (debt) of the company.  In this article, we will discuss the difference between shares and debentures in details.

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Difference between Equity Shares and Preference Shares

difference between equity share and preference shares

You might be a budding investor or a student if you are curious to know the difference between equity shares and preference shares. Hope you would have a basic idea regarding equity shares and preference shares.

If you don’t, you can follow the link below for more details such as types, advantages and disadvantages of equity shares as well as preference shares.

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