Geographic Departmentalization – Why It Is Important?

Displaying Geographic Departmentalization

Sometimes, few business enterprises formulate their actions based on varied geographical regions & locales. And this particularly happens in the outbreak of businesses with several chains or branches at different places.

Now the question arises, Is the technique of geographic departmentalization effective for an organization? And what role does it play in an organization? Take the example of a minor retail chain business or a yummy fast-food chain business with many branches everywhere.

In this article, we shall discuss what exactly geographic departmentalization is? and how is it beneficial for an organization?

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Matrix Departmentalization | How Does It Work? – Pros & Cons

displaying Matrix Departmentalization

Are there any big, complicated projects pending in your large company, and you are unable to get them complete because your existing processes are falling short? Do you dream of your company’s rapid growth in the future?

Then, follow the method of matrix departmentalization in your organization. Matrix organizational structures are specifically designed for companies. But, what is this Matrix Departmentalization? And, how does it help various companies?

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Customer Departmentalization – Importance, Characteristics & limitations

Customer Departmentalization

Typically, many companies sell different types of goods and services with the label of the same brand. The primary purpose of selling these varieties of goods & services by the same company is targeting multiple group of customers & satisfy with their expected products or services. Such categrization of products is possible due to customer departmentalization.

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Functional Departmentalization & Its Various Traits

displaying Functional Departmentalization

An organization comprises of various departments and can be distinguished or segregated based on their functions or the tasks assigned. This is what functional departmentalization is? Let’s discuss more regarding concept of departmentalization.

What about its characteristics, benefits & shortcomings? Do you know all these things? No, right? Well! Let us discuss all these & understand what exactly is this type of departmentalization means.

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Process Departmentalization – A Quick Overview

for displaying Process Departmentalization

Do you know buying and selling any product or service is a complex job? Whenever you go to places like hotels, hospitals, or banks to get the desired service. You need to go through various departments. Hence, departments are created by the organization to allocate the different tasks to different departments to simplify the process. Such a process is called process departmentalization.

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