Nationalisation of Banks in India

Nationalisation of Banks in India:- In this article, we will learn What is the Nationalization of Banks? Why was the Nationalization needed? How many banks were nationalized in India and when and how the nationalization took place? We will also understand the reasons behind nationalization of banks in India. Before we go into Nationalization of … Read more

History of Banking in India | A Complete History

History of banking in India: History of Banking in India   Before we start we need to understand where the term “Banking” emerged. The term Banking emerged from an Italian word “ Bancho ” which mean is “bench”. In early days people used to do transactions sitting on a bench since then this banking term … Read more

Product Design and Development | Importance | Process | Advantages

Product Design and Development:   Table of Content: Product Design and Development Importance of Product Design and Development Advantages and Disadvantages What does Product Design and Development do? Phases involved in Product Design and Development   What Does Product and Service Design Do? Multiply more customer because of the product or services according to the … Read more

Customer Relationship Management | Importance, Process and Objectives

Nowadays, in the global or domestic or digital market, there is cut-throat competition among various companies offering the same kind of services or products. Therefore, customer retention became a hard nut to crack. In this circumstance, customer relationship management (CRM) plays a vital role in sustaining and building the customer.    In this article, we … Read more

Staffing in Management

Staffing in Management:     The foundation of any small or big organisation is talented and hard-working employees who are the main assets of any company. It is believed that an organisation can achieve its goal only when it has the right person in the right position. Therefore, Staffing in Management is one of the essential processes for establishing … Read more